A Time Like No Other

Episode 7 - Mary Magdalene

Episode 7 is the final episode of A Time Like No Other and features Chelsea Harp playing the role of Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene had quite the story.  For her, knowing Jesus meant being delivered from demonic possession.  One day she was healed of seven demons, the next she was following the Savior.  We portrayed her as calm and collected, opposite of who she was as a demon possessed woman.  We chose to include the earthquake and subsequent decision to start walking before the other Mary as a way to put Mary Magdalene on the path alone, where we could hear her thoughts.  Also, the Gospel account in John, puts Mary Magdalene arriving at the tomb first, and we rather liked this for our character.  With one day to film all seven episodes, we chose to simply have her arrive at the tomb and look inside.  

We had access to some audio files Pastor Steve produced years ago. The hymn playing throughout is "From All That Dwell Below The Skies" LSB 816. Not a typical Easter hymn, but it's the hymn we had access to on short notice that included some great Alleluias!