A Time Like No Other

Episode 2 - Simon Peter

Episode 2 of A Time Like No Other features Sam Cervantez playing the role of Peter, immediately following the Passover celebration with the disciples.

We put him alone in the upper room, imagining that he had forgotten something.  He is visibly shaken that Jesus would think he was capable of denying that he even knew him.  Matthew 26:30-38 recounts Peter's insistence that he would never deny Jesus.  We also used a portion of Luke's account of the Last Supper, noting that Jesus told Peter that Satan wanted to sift him like wheat.  Peter would undoubtedly be reminded later that Jesus graciously encouraged him to strengthen the others after he returned from his denial.  This episode concludes with a lighthearted poetic license moment between Simon Peter and John.

We had access to some audio files Pastor Steve produced years ago. The piano in the background is from "Faithful to the Call," an original he wrote and produced at the retirement of a faithful pastor in 2004.