A Time Like No Other

Episode 4 - Mary, Mother of Jesus

Episode 4 of A Time Like No Other features Lisha Nurmela as Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

This episode continues some of the darkness of Episode 3, focusing on the lack of knowledge Jesus' followers likely had, prior to the sending of the Holy Spirit.  We chose to move Mary from questioning the Father to trusting in His grace and mercy over the span of five minutes.  Mary's statement about her grieving Jesus' death juxtaposed with the Father's satisfaction that Jesus has finished his work is really the touchstone of Mary's monologue.  Jesus' work was finished at the cross, sin is atoned for once and for all.

We had access to some audio files Pastor Steve produced years ago. The cello playing in the background is from "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" - LSB 686 .